What distinguishes SILGA’s brand offering is the approach to building and maintaining relationships with business partners.

Long-term contracts with AMC, FISSLER, ZEPTER, or PHILIPIAK brands are the best proof of that.
Of course, we also handle individual and term contracts, which often become the basis for further business relationships.

Global distribution

Our sales office in Lombardy handles orders for partners from all over the world. Silga’s products are distributed to the markets of both Americas, Asia, and, of course, all European countries. We are constantly expanding the network of both our distributors and companies for which we execute individual and dedicated orders.

Events and trade fairs

We mark our presence at selected trade fairs in Europe and Asia. During the events, we showcase our products, engage in sales negotiations, and facilitate order contracting.


The Milan sales office features a showroom where we display all our product lines.

Logistics and certification

We provide complete logistics related to the supply of products to all markets. We ensure that our products are fully documented and granted sales approval certificates. We arrange for product and package labelling and customs duties, along with the preparation of international documentation.


As part of each order, we execute packaging according to the customer’s design.

Operating instructions and rules of use

As part of the order, we assist in designing user manuals and providing rules for our products’ use.

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