Dedicated products

An exclusive and elegant line designed for the lovers of beautiful designs. The simplicity of decoration and sophistication of form is one of the assets of this unique line.


This unique cookware has been present in the history of civilization for several thousand years. In China, where it was invented, it symbolized affluence and high social status. Currently, the entire world enjoys the benefits of the wok, and meals prepared in it go down a storm in the most prestigious and exquisite restaurants. The SILGA wok is made of Inox 18/10 stainless steel. The spherical lid ensures proper air and steam circulation while cooking. With its unique design, the steam quickly softens prepared vegetables, preserving their firmness and nutritional value, and the ingredients are not squashed when placed on top of each other. With so many applications, the wok will be appreciated by every lover of cooking. Frying, cooking, barbecuing, stewing – all much faster than in traditional cookware. Thanks to its unique bottom design, it is suitable for all types of kitchen stoves.


Lasagners are made of Cr-Ni 18/10 chromium-nickel stainless steel, which does not react with food. The polished components are easy to clean. The shape and design of the handles make it easier to maneuver the cookware when placing and removing it out of the oven. Resistant to higher baking temperatures. The lasagners are used for: casseroles, storing products, stewing, reheating, and serving.

The large lasagner is 32 cm x 32 cm.
The medium lasagner is 32 cm x 20 cm.
The small lasagner is 26 cm x 16 cm.


The fondue kit is an excellent addition to the kitchen. It lets you discover a way of serving cheese, meat, or even chocolate famously done so in Switzerland, France, and Italy.

The set includes a fondue base, anti-splash lid, burner to maintain the correct temperature of the meal, eight forks, and a 20 cm diameter pot. The cookware is made of acid-resistant CR-Ni 18/10 chromium-nickel stainless steel. Easy to clean and maintain. Dishwasher safe.

Italian style in the cooking system